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Our Mission 

Offering personalized skincare with the most advanced non-invasive technology available. We recognize that everyone has different skin types, tones and elasticity and strive to keep client specific needs and suggestions in mind and create custom treatments designed for optimum individual results. We offer treatments with measurable or visible results for most customers (some may need more treatments than others to see obvious results.) We promise minimal discomfort and no tissue damage. With flexible scheduling and savings through various packages we work with our clients to offer the best options. The best part is there is no down time after treatment. So, if you want to go to dinner slimmer, toss your filters aside, and flourish in your own skin book on our website today.

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Carrie Freeland

Raised in Naples, Carrie attended school at LaBaron Academy in December 1994. She has been an esteemed and well-respected esthetician for over 25 years. Her knowledge for skincare is ever evolving. Her passion drives her to seek out continuous education about the newest in technology and skin care therapies, most recently in cryotherapy, and new advanced, in-depth treatment for the lymphatic system, cellulite reduction, and stretch mark repair. She maintains first-rate knowledge to be able to pass this on to her clients. After 13 years in the corporate spa world, she knew she wanted to be able to provide a more personalized, hands on skin care treatment for her clients, who want both result oriented and 5-star treatments. She embraced a partnership opportunity with Jesse DiRocco to start their own health and wellness skin care boutique, allowing both her, her partner, and most importantly her clients to FLOURISH with the best in skin care and wellness therapies.


Established in 2020


Flourish Cryo & Esthetics is owned an operated by Carrie Freeland and Jesse DiRocco. Carrie has worked as a licensed esthetician for 25 years. During the last 13 years she has worked for the local Hyatt at Coconut Point Stillwater Spa. Then on March 16, 2020 the Stillwater Spa shut down from Covid-19. Carrie got furloughed by Hyatt which continues to this day. Then Carrie searched for a small space where she could work her custom facial and cryo magic one on one in a small boutique. She found a space and teamed up with a local builder Jesse that also lost his job to Covid-19. Together they created a stunning small space and invested in the finest skin care products available through Eminence and the most advanced technology available for CryoSlimming and Toning. And coming soon they are excited to be the first to bring a new aggressive breakthrough for full body lymphatic treatments.


Jesse DiRocco


Being an avid beach volleyball player and fisherman and working outdoors building/renovating homes and buildings, he realized an investment in his skin was essential to maintain his health and wellness. He was using regular Coppertone sunscreen, sweating outside, and started asking himself why does it hurt so much if it gets in his eyes? He thought what are the long term effects of having so many chemicals on his skin? Then he found Eminence all natural organic products and realized what an immense benefit there is to block the sun with natural minerals instead of harmful chemicals. Jesse was already working on becoming more comfortable with being more of an online personality through his series of videos "Jesse Unfiltered." So with his newfound confidence he decided the public is way behind on real skincare information and focused his latest videos on educating people on skincare while combining them with his unique dry humor many people love. 

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