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Organic Facials for Clear, Glowing Skin

To glow your best, you've got to glow from within.

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Balance your beauty inside and out!

Flourish Cryo & Esthetics believes that everyone deserves to spoil themselves and be pampered. That is why we bring the newest facial treatment in the market, the best organic products, and a relaxing environment where you can leave your worries, stresses, and life problems behind.

We offer facial treatments using innovative technology to combat uneven skin tone, reduce wrinkles and increase elasticity. Our day spa also provides anti-aging eye treatments, top-of-the-line organic products, and specific skincare tailored to skin type and current condition.

We offer custom facials, cryo facials, dermaplaning,  microdermabrasion treatments, microneedling, wax and other facial treatments that includes exfoliation, removal of impurities, a soothing facial massage that promotes circulation, cell turnover, toning of the facial muscles and ends with a nourishing organic mask. achieve your dream skin tone.

Learn the secrets to a natural, radiant glow with this luxuriously rich plant-based recipe. Your skin will feel soft and refreshed after this relaxing treatment.

The facial includes enzymes for exfoliation, collagen volumizing peptides, antioxidants, vitamins C and E, and other natural ingredients designed to provide a vibrant, youthful appearance.

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The Face of Well-Being.

Get to know more about our process:


Flourish Cryo Facial treatment starts with a customized results-driven facial specific to your skincare needs. Then the cold temperatures create vasodilation in the face.


Increase in blood flow also increases collagen production, reduces inflammation, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, and improves the elasticity of the skin.

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Flourish Custom Facial

Flourish Cryo & Esthetics is proud to offer luxurious facial services that blend the power of technology, nature, and the human touch to restore, renew and refresh your skin.

The Flourish  Cryo Facial Treatment is a top premium treatment that uses organic skin tone ingredients and essential peptides while incorporating freezing temperatures for maximum tightening. It starts with a deep pore cleansing massage followed by an exfoliation to reveal soft skin.

The treatment includes a relaxing neck and scalp massage to help circulation, while the facial mask infuses your skin with organic herbs from around the world.

Combat Dead Skin Cells!

✔Say goodbye to the daily grind and the effects of aging with this revitalizing, organic facial. Exfoliating naturally with fruit enzymes, this treatment sloughs away dead skin cells to reveal a soft, glowing complexion.

✔Hydrating rich creams leave your face luminous and refreshed--not to mention cooled down in the scorching summer sun.

50 Minute Custom Facial - $125

75 Minute Cryo Facial - $185

30 Minute Hydrafacial - $199

50 Minute Deluxe Hydrafacial - $265

75 Minute Platinum Hydrafacial - $325

New Year New You Hydrafacial 6 pack - $1790

(2 boosters included w/ Deluxe or Platinum)

Custom Facial

A combination of massage, cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing facial treatments.

Our Esthetician will exfoliate, nourish and moisturize your face with all organic products that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and glowing.

Our facial spa's facial treatment is the ultimate experience in relaxation. This organic treatment features exfoliation, massage, and an infusion of plant-based stem cells to create a glowing, youthful complexion.

It's good for all-over relaxation and rejuvenation. In our day spa, we use a special process that fights acne, strengthens sun protection, and diminishes skin concerns.

Combined with the latest most effective skincare products available, this spa treatment is designed to give your skin (and neck!) a luminous glow.

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Reduce fine lines and remove dead skin!

Personalized and affordable facial therapy only here at Flourish Cryo & Esthetics
– we can't wait to help you reach your goals and change your life!

Looking for facial places near you? Flourish Cryo & Esthetics is the place to go!

We don't just care about our customers; we go out of our way to ensure they get the results they want.  We are proud to be providing outstanding services that many people deeply enjoy.

What our customers are saying...

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I was super impressed with the care and attention I received at my facial appointment. Carrie is truly Great! She was very tentative and thorough on explaining with detail what she was doing and what products she was using on my face. 

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Flourish cosmetics is the place! I have seen such amazing results and Carrie is very professional and good at what she does! The spa was very clean and tasteful! I highly recommend this place!

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Carrie Freelander evaluates and recommends based on age and what results you are seeking. Clean and beautiful room to relax and enjoy whatever procedure you are seeking. Highly recommend!


Benefits of Having Facials Regularly

Facials are now more than just a luxury treat; they're an investment in your skin's health.

We recognize the wonderful impacts of diet, hydration, and exercise more than ever before as we attempt to enhance our overall wellness, but we rarely contemplate how our skin may become stronger alongside our bodies. The skin is the body's biggest organ, yet it is also the one to which we pay the least attention.

Regular advanced facials are the most effective way to determine if your skin is in good form, needs any attention, or is reacting to factors such as hormones or pollution. A specialist can assist you in fully comprehending your skin's needs and optimizing its health. So, how can you profit from frequent treatments?


Living in a major city exposes you to pollution, UV radiation, and free radical damage produced by the environment. These build up on the surface of your skin and can block pores, which is why professional deep cleaning is beneficial.

Steam may be utilized to open up the pores, allowing for a thorough cleansing that removes dirt, germs, oil, and other pollutants without causing damage to the skin.


Did you know that getting a face massage might help you relax and feel better?

There are hundreds of pressure points on your face that is linked to numerous body systems, and when these pressure points are massaged, your body responds... in a nice, dare we say amazing way! A luxurious facial massage not only makes your face glow but also enhances blood circulation, ensuring that your cells receive enough oxygen and nutrients supplied by the blood. You leave with a glowing face and happier, healthier, and more efficient cells.


Our team of strong workstations, healing hands, lotions, and potions are supplemented with the finest of science and botanical ingredients to promote collagen formation, level out skin tone, and support you in looking and feeling your best.

Facials are the finest approach to detoxify your tiny face, other than scrubbing and bathing it every day. To make your skin fresh and luminous, therapists employ products like antioxidant-rich serums, masks, and oils. And there you have it!

Here's why people keep coming back:

First of all...


Unlike any other procedures you’d find at a spa, this is an advanced, non-invasive skin care treatment that uses thorough skin care analysis to penetrate the deepest layers of your skin to stimulate a youthful appearance.

Our estheticians are trained professionals who use active ingredients to create your customized experience.

Unlike other methods that use invasive strategies, our estheticians use advanced methods that eliminate age spots and dark circles.

Frequently Asked Questions


How often are sessions recommended for best results?

Facials are generally recommended to be every 3-5 weeks (though it should be combined with self-care and healthy eating for maximum effect).


Is there anything special that I need to do before and after treatment?

Because we use several masks and moisturizers, it would be best to come in with a clean bare face and no makeup. It would also be beneficial if we can have information on your skin type and your goal after the treatment.

Each specific skin is different so it is crucial for us to have this information so we can cater to your skin's needs.


What happens during a facial treatments session and how long will it last?

Our standard facial uses cold temperatures to create vasodilation in the face. We begin with a personalized results-driven facial tailored to your individual skincare requirements.

It usually lasts 50 minutes and requires multiple sessions for better results.


Is it safe?

Our facial treatments are the safest way to go! With your best interest in mind, our professional esthetician uses the most organic facial ingredients with vitamin, exfoliation, and cleansing properties. Our services are trusted and proven to work.

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